The underlying conviction behind JůNN Vitality is that the outward appearance is a reflection of the internal health. As a person who struggled with a stubborn acne for a major part of her life, Jennifer founded JůNN Vitality in order to help others like her with debilitating skin concerns that can potentially alter your will to live a happy, confident life.


At JůNN Vitality, we understand the struggles that come with skin conditions; physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. We will help you cultivate synergy between all body systems through nutrition, lifestyle and skin care. By working from the inside AND integrating safe natural skin care treatments, we can help you achieve long term results once and for all! We want you to feel confident and beautiful in the skin you’re in!

A healthy thriving gut is central to your health. Our lower gastrointestinal tract is home to almost 100 trillion microorganisms, most of which are bacteria. They are mostly, “good” bacteria that help us digest food and release the energy and nutrients we need. They also crowd out bacteria that can trigger disease. But when things go wrong in our guts, they will also go wrong with our immune system and in our brains which can lead to digestive problems, skin issues, weight gain, depression, anxiety and further disease.

Restore your gut health so that you can experience wellness from head to toe, gain more energy and vitality, have clear, youthful skin and feel healthy again.

When gut-health is prioritised, healing begins, skin transformation accelerates and well-being sky-rockets.

We are eager and excited to help you feel healthy, confident and beautiful in your skin.


How we are different


Our Philosophy is more than words. It’s our way of life.

If you start from the inside to make healthy skin cells, you can achieve impressive results, so nutrition and supplements are the way forward for healthy skin.

Whatever the fabulous quality and magical ingredients in skin care ranges, if you only treat skin topically you are missing a major factor in skin care efficacy.

Skin Harmony has been formulated to add that vital success factor.

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